Manage GitHub Organisation with Terraform Cloud | Repository Structure | Access Controls

In this video, I'll show you how to manage your github organisation with Terraform Cloud, scenarios on how to structure your repositories, using templates to standardise deployments and controls and guardrails to protect you from issues.

So I didn't mention really much on GitHub Permissions, so I updated the blog but at the end of the day branch protection rules and codeowners is what ensures there are code reviews before contributors are allowed to merge code to master! See the blog for more info:

Note: OBS made funny noises on some of the screen transitions, so I had to cut them out, thus why the audio volume fluctuates during transitions! If you know OBS and anything about scene transitions and audio, let me know!

00:00 Sweet Intro
02:13 GitHub Organisation Overview
02:54 Repository Structure Pros and Cons
11:43 Guidelines and Controls
14:55 Repository Templates
16:40 Manage with Terraform Cloud
19:20 [Demo] Setup a VCS Provider in Terraform Cloud
21:43 [Demo] Create a Terraform Cloud Workspace
23:53 [Demo] Create a GitHub Personal Access Token (PAT)
25:20 [Demo] Create Workspace Variable for GitHub PAT
25:50 Terraform Configuration Files
28:03 [Demo] VSCode - Setup GitHub Provider and Template Repository
37:08 [Demo] VSCode - Create GitHub Teams and Organisation Admins
41:40 [Demo] VSCode - Create Repositories, Branches and Branch Protection Rules
44:41 [Demo] Terraform Apply - Validate Deployment
47:23 [Demo] Validating Pull Request Template and CODEOWNERS review
51:03 [Demo] Showing a Speculative Plan on Pull Template
53:56 Outro

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