Manage a Household More Effectively Using a Home Management App with Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada

In this edition of the UpTech Report, Co-founder of HomeZada, Elizabeth Dodson, joins us to talk about her software company and its suite of home management apps.

At its core, HomeZada is a digital home management tool that will keep track of your estimated home value, equity, and expenses, as well as show you financial forecasts for the future.

Got a DIY project to tackle? Plan and budget all of your home improvement projects with their home renovation project planner. Plus, you can verify that you are properly insured with their home inventory template, allowing you to keep track of everything you own and document it with pictures in an organized fashion.

In this conversation, Dodson explains how she started her career working for a commercial construction project management software company. After she realized that there were no similar software solutions available for homeowners looking to manage a household, she decided to create HomeZada.

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