Malaysia’s First Hedge Fund: MTC Management FIRL Podcast 62

CEO Devan Linus & Donovan Ng, both co-founders of MTC Management sits down with the FIRL guys to talk about their story of how they started investing, fund management and their thoughts and strategies in investing. Devan and Donovan both shares their thoughts and opinions on stocks like Apple, holding for long term and adapting to changes.


00:00 Intro
02:23 Money belief growing up, Discovering investing
08:29 How Devan and Donovan met
09:57 Passion for investing
16:52 Devan's families on investing
21:28 From Teacher to Value investor to Chairman of stock exchange
28:08 MTC Investing style, First 3 stocks MTC own
44:04 MTC's adaption to changes
50:03 Is MTC still holding Apple stock, Who makes the highest return
54:43 ESG
59:05 Why not investing in ESG companies
1:01:30 High net worth individuals and institutional investors
1:05:00 Strategy in investing & mindset
1:10:00 Starting a hedge fund / Hedge fund vs other types of funds
1:18:55 Business Continuity Plan
1:24:20 Hopes and wish list from Securities Commissions Malaysia
1:32:10 Exiting Apple stock in 2018
1:39:55 Framework for deciding what to sell or buy
1:51:22 Thoughts on traditional auto companies
1:58:07 Why monthly report vs yearly reports
2:06:54 How much stocks vs cash should you be holding
2:11:50 Market overview with everything going on now

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