Making the Most of Tech Skills and Experience to Provide Maximum Value to the Industry - Episode 99

Eng is an experienced investor with $250M assets under management. He has 12 years of real estate experience and has focused on cash flow investing to create significant passive income. Eng is an economist by training, from the Wharton School of Business. He also has experience leading data science and analytics at Apple, Capital One and AT&T. He applies that experience when identifying and underwriting investment opportunities and markets.

Eng is the classic immigrant story that can only happen in America. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, where his family escaped the Khmer Rouge from Cambodia. Having grown up in Los Angeles, he pursued economics by day trading and playing Poker to pay for his tuition while attending the University of Pennsylvania. There he trained as an economist and afterwards went into Investment banking. Later he would leave the financial world to join the Peace Corps, volunteering in the Republic of Georgia, a year after the Russian invasion. There he met his wife, Jennie, who was also volunteering abroad. They now have two sons.

Eng has presented at companies like Apple, Facebook, & Amazon where he teaches employees how to minimize their tax burden and how to keep and invest more of their earnings so that they can achieve financial freedom.

Eng got into real estate as a way to solve a need for a more predictable source of cash flow which he found in real estate. Listen in as he shares how his tech background, skillset, and love for numbers found a home in real estate and investing, scaling and syndications, Bitcoin and his company Touzi Capital.

00:00 - Introduction
00:01 - Episode sponsor: Airbnb Kickstart course
00:33 - Guest introduction: Eng Taing
02:22 - Eng’s story and how he made it to the US
06:26 - Transition to a career in technology and working for Apple
07:56 - Pursuing tech and attending Wharton
08:41 - Eng’s first real estate investment
14:47 - Scaling and bringing in other investors either in syndications or as partners
22:42 - Investing, buying, and selling Bitcoin
23:52 - Why Eng got into Bitcoin and what his company is doing in that space
26:31 - Who are these miners?
29:20 - Touzi Capital: Behind the name



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