Making money from REITs, ft. Julia Forrest

Julia Forrest is a listed property trust (REIT) portfolio manager at Pendal Group and one of the longest-running PMs to join Owen Rask on The Australian Investors Podcast.

At Pendal Group, Julia is responsible for investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), property developers and property assets. Julia tells us how inflation can impact REITs, why property has held up remarkably well during Covid, and walks us through her checklist.

Key talking points:

- How & why Julia started her career as an analyst in organised crime
- The investing advice Julia is giving her teenage daughters
- The key differences between office and retail properties
- Process: How Julia and her team find REITs to buy
- Yield: the impact of inflation on bonds & property securities
- Yield: using REITs as an alternative income source to bonds

This is a great episode for investors who are wondering how to deal with inflation, and whether property can provide a tactical tilt away from bonds for income.

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Date recorded: October 27th 2021
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