Making Data Operations Easier Part 2 VOD: Data Governance (Cataloguing & Metadata) | InfoConnect

What we discussed:

When creating a business-ready analytics foundation, many organizations are unaware of what data they actually have, where it resides, what processes use it, and how to stay compliant with current data-related laws and regulations.

One of the key issues an organization must consider to overcome this issue is the cataloguing of data. Organizations need to have a catalog of their data to provide information about its source, who owns it, metadata mapped to its business context, and so on.

When new data becomes available for users by integrated or replicated data sources, without proper catalog processes and up-to-date inventory, the data becomes difficult or impossible to know, trust, and use. Therefore, in our webinar, allow us to illuminate you on the process of cataloguing as well as the in-and-outs of metadata.
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