Making Conflict Productive™ - Transforming Negative Energy into Good

This is a brief explanation of three good ideas: simple, friendly problem-solving, how to deal with bullies, and Productive Conflict Skills Training™.

Imagine training your reflexes so well that you can absolutely and always trust them to automatically serve you through any and all conflicts, no matter how messy or costly the situation is. It starts with self-awareness, and from there developing a clearer understanding of the tensions or inhibitions others may feel when they are with you, the stuff ‘under the hood.’ That's what Productive Conflict Skills Training™ will do for you.

The December 1st, 2022 Productive Conflict Skills Training™. gives you:

1. Your own EverythingDiSC Productive Conflict Report - An overview of personal behavior tendencies, preferences, fears, and other ‘under the hood’ stuff.

2. Depth Podcast - Identifies and points you in the direction of more productive and more satisfying behaviors based on your DiSC style.

3. Resistance Meter Rating - Understand your own and your teammates’ resistance to behavior changes that could better facilitate team and individual communications.

4. Compatibility Factors – Identify levels of potential conflict intensity based on each of the DiSC behavior style combinations.

5. Catalyst – Access to platform additional educational resources; access to optional validity/reliability studies.

6. Educational Resources - Focused on your specific style; rich with valuable, practical insights.

7. Comparison Mapping - Quickly learn how to boost team energy flow and productivity. Everybody sees where everybody stands. Unlimited # of comparisons ad infinitum.

8. Access to Frank's Invite-only Facebook monthly group sessions.

Register to attend the Productive Conflict Skills Training™ on 12/01/22 from 11am - 1pm MST. Forever be empowered with solutions to simple disagreements, deal with bullies, and develop a deeper understanding of your own destructive behavior when you are pushed too far.

Because of the nature of the event, seating is limited to only 20.
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Questions or comments or challenges, please feel free to contact me directly. 303.219.0792
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