Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Does your resume showcase your authentic personality? Does it reflect who you are and what makes you unique?

Companies are bombarded with thousands of resumes, and in a competitive job market, yours needs to shout, not whisper, for you. To land the interview, you must captivate your audience and clearly express your value.

Pamela Grealey, Head of People & Culture at Kami, knows what it takes to create a stand-out resume that will get you noticed. (Hint: it’s not all about algorithms and keywords.) She’ll explain how you can customize your resume according to your background and experience. Leverage accordingly!

Get ready to learn:
How to identify what makes you uniquely qualified
Strategies to implement keywords without imitating job descriptions
Why cover letters are still relevant
The importance of being prepared to discuss what your resume covers
Tips to address career breaks/pivots
Ways to demonstrate a continuous learning mindset — and why you should foster one

Make a bold resume statement! Let Pamela and Kami show you how.
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