Make Your Business More Efficient With Mobile Workforce Management Software

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With over 105 million mobile workers in the U S chances are your business relies on talent that isn't bound to the office, but managing workers that are constantly on the go isn't easy.

One, scheduling can be time consuming and confusing. Two, communication issues and delays cause chaos for your customers. Three, and with less oversight tracking productivity can be a challenge.

Your growing mobile workforce needs technology to connect them with the people and places that need them most. And you need next generation tools to both support and grow your mobile workforce.

Say hello to mobile workforce management software that's designed to improve efficiency and productivity of mixed workforces. Here's how it works: Your team starts their day by logging into their account. Their dashboard will appear and display appointments or jobs for the day, including breaks like lunch. They can also check in to stamp their digital timecard.

By clicking the schedule button, team members can view appointments in greater detail. Clicking on a shift will display the location, service details, and additional information. This empowers mobile workers with all the details they need to show up, communicate with customers, and achieve goals. They can even navigate to their destination with their preferred map app shortcuts. At the same time, staff have the option to reschedule or reject a shift, so your business can swiftly navigate around issues or last minute changes. They can also engage with the workforce management software to report information back to you. When a team member starts traveling, they can hit the travel button, which will start a clock that tracks their time in transit. Your team's shift information includes tabs for assets, line items, forms, and remarks that have been assigned to the shift. Set your technicians up for success with pre-job checklists, safety standards, product warranty, information, or other special instructions.

When a user clicks Open on the page, they are able to use two new tabs estimates and media for even more functionality. You can customize the experience as you like. One option is to add a section that allows service techs to connect to an online session with a remote expert by broadcasting through a team members device. They can video chat with another team member that can support them through troubleshooting. Asset history informs team members about who worked on this project in the past and on what dates, giving them helpful references for their work. Diagrams of products can be added to help your mobile workforce software users understand parts of appliances and other items they might fix. A user can click on the line items tab to search to a catalog or the current parts of an item they are working on and add them to the project. This auto calculates the cost of parts, labor, and more in a flash.

Users can even scan barcodes of items in order to add them to their assets capture photos and under remarks, they can add comments. Returning to the overview will allow users to close the project and provide a reason and schedule a follow-up. A digital customer signature, name, email, and payment can be collected. There's never been a greater need for fast and reliable communication. Get it all in a single integrated SAS platform that is based on a per user license speed. See our unique workforce management software solutions in action by requesting a free demo. Contact us at today to schedule yours. Your demo will be personalized to your organization's needs. So get ready for a custom experience that's just right for you.
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