MAHLE Mobility Talks | Dr Roger Busch—Next-Generation Thermal Management

Future mobility requires next-generation #ThermalManagement.
In this MAHLE Mobility Talk with host Sarah Elsser, Dr Roger Busch answers the obvious question we are all afraid to ask, “what is thermal management actually”, and why it is so vital for future mobility.
Both, battery electric cars and fuel cell drives need clever, powerful, and highly efficient thermal management to deliver their full potential. #WeShapeFutureMobility #IAATransportation

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MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry with customers in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. We are pioneering the climate-neutral mobility of tomorrow with a focus on the strategic fields of electromobility and thermal management as well as other technology fields to reduce CO2 emissions, for example fuel cells or highly efficient combustion engines that can also run on e-fuels or hydrogen.

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