M LISADA x InterKultura | Nature & Conservation Camp

M-LISADA stands for Music, Life skills and Destitution Alleviation. M-LISADA is a non profit organization located in Nsambya Kampala, Uganda. founded in 1996, the organization's mission is to protect, heal, empower and support vulnerable children and youth through music, life skills and education.

The end of first term school holiday is here. M-LISADA wishes to have the environmental scouts engaged in holiday activities bringing all participants from the different Cohorts of the Organization

M-LISADA Organization and Interkultura have over the years engaged Environmental scouts in climate change campaigns and nature and conservation campaigns. This school holiday, M-LISADA wishes to engage the scouts in further training away from the usual premises, which requires the scouts to camp far from home with all the scouts. M-LISADA Organization has 10 acres of land, which is used for agriculture 48km away from Kampala. The scouts will be trained on nursery bed raising for seeds like Sukumawiki, Nakati, egg plants, bitter tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, and cabbages and they will also be trained on land preparation, Waste management, Compound designing, composite manure making and management.

By the end of the training participants should be able to raise nursery beds, make Organic manure and land preparation for crops on their own in the different communities they are coming from.

website: www.mlisada.org
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