Loxone Explained - Energy Management with Loxone | 2021

Welcome to another episode of Loxone Explained!

In a modern home, there are a whole range of electrical consumers. Lighting, heating systems, kitchen appliances, computers, electric cars and so on. However, homes not only consume energy, but they can also generate it. The most common way of achieving this is through solar panels. The so-called PV systems, however, generate energy exactly when it is needed least. During the day, the solar yield is highest, but electricity consumption is the lowest. Therefore, the surplus must be intelligently controlled and directed in the right direction.

That's why today's topic is energy management!

With a Loxone-controlled energy management system, you can make your customers’ buildings more energy efficient. It is important to optimise the building’s own consumption in such a way that the energy generated by the building is used efficiently.

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