Louise Bernstein, HubSpot: Changing horizons of product management

In the new episode of Pyjama Talks together with Louise Bernstein, Director of Product at HubSpot, and Anton Danilov, Director of Product Management at Wrike, we talked about horizons and different levels of strategic planning in product management, the importance of keeping a company's culture during a hyper growth period, working with enterprise clients, and key skills of a successful product manager.

Time codes:
0:19 Introducing our guest: Louise Bernstein, Director of Product at HubSpot
0:38 What is Wrike?
1:23 What is HubSpot?
2:17 In 2021 almost all products are online. What does it mean for Wrike and HubSpot? Is the competitive landscape growing?
4:01 Big companies can’t be complacent anymore. What are they doing to keep going and be ahead of the game?
6:08 Does HubSpot have different teams that are responsible for strategy and define investments?
7:54 Horizon 1, 2, 3: which persons from the product team think about long term strategy?
8:57 How to deliver the importance of short term plans and the long term vision to different teams in a big company?
10:45 How to maintain the company’s culture during a hyper growth period?
12:38 How to be effective and take care about the company's culture simultaneously?
14:50 How does HubSpot manage their OKRs?
14:43 How to keep the culture and grow the team online?
17:44 Is there any keys to success to grow from a product manager to director of product?
19:14 Is it possible to grow as a product manager in a small company that remains the same?
23:03 How does HubSpot work with enterprise companies?
26:17 What skills are important to be successful in product management?
28:58 What will Louise do if she has 2 weeks of vacation and an unlimited amount of money?
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