Lost Ark Reaper In-Depth Guide | Moon vs Thirst

Complete Reaper class in-depth guide where you will find all the necessary information to have the smoother possible start as a Reaper on NA/EU region. I covered all the aspects of Moon Sound and Thirst class engravings. Demonstrated useful tricks and features that I found as a Reaper main since 13/04/2021.

Link to Excel sheet with all the info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S1lAB7JY82Bw9ZbpR9oidugPYwUzb-GE1lUsm7E5iik/edit#gid=0

Moon Sound - Shadow Trap build: https://lost-ark.maxroll.gg/la-builder/c90106gi
Thirst build: https://lost-ark.maxroll.gg/la-builder/ze0106bk

0:00 Intro
1:21 Pros/Cons
4:22 Gauge Bar/Clone
10:51 Awakekings
12:26 Dagger Skills
18:08 Shadow Skills
20:00 Raid Skills
22:37 8th Skill
28:25 Moon Sound
45:47 Thirst
52:59 Moon Vs Thirst
56:06 Card Sets
59:38 Outro


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