Logitech Event: Equitable Meetings and the New Logic of Work

Learn how Logitech is meeting the moment with solutions that optimize hybrid work for employees, IT, and business leaders. We will reveal our new product Logitech Sight, and discuss The New Logic of Work.
Learn More:
Logitech Business: https://www.logitech.com/Business
Logitech Sight: https://www.logitech.com/Sight
Connect with us:

00:41 - Welcome and Intro with Scott Wharton, General Manager, Video Collaboration
5:00 - The New Logic of Work with Hayley Nelson, Head of Marketing, Video Collaboration
8:25 - All People, All Spaces with Ricardo Figueiroa, Head of Design, Work
13:20 - Introducing Logitech Sight with Henry Levak, Head of Product Management, Video Collaboration
23:17 - Wrap-up with Scott Wharton

24:33 - Start of live Q&A
25:07 - Room size and participant pickup
25:58 - Sight with the front-of-the room camera; connecting annother Sight camera (“daisychain”)
27:21 - Non-traditional meeting rooms
29:42 - Detecting, framing and capturing people between Sight and front-of-room camera
32:21 - Sight and multi-cam system vs. standalone 360° camera
34:28 - Meeting experience control by remote participant or IT admin
36:12 - Public beta and product general availability
37:06 - Using our own products to make meetings more equitable
38:50 - Challenges with remote meetings that inspired the design of Sight
40:33 - Height of Sight camera and design intention
42:14 - Using AI and intelligence in VC solutions
46:08 - Expanding RightSight technology to adapt to glass, to fence off visual areas
48:13 - Partnering with office designers or furniture manufacturers
49:20 - Addressing any supply chain or other availability challenges for Sight
50:54 - Commitment to sustainability for Sight and other VC products
54:06 - What’s next for Video Collaboration group
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