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What Logistics careers are on offer?

Upon graduation logistics jobs and supply chain jobs are plentiful. It's likely that you'll gain an overview of the profession before specialising - and then progressing to more senior positions.

Employers include third party logistics companies, organisations that sell directly to consumers (retailers and supermarkets) and logistics consultancies.

Graduates can also pursue a career in:

supply chain design and planning
procurement and supply management
freight transportation
warehouse design and management
distribution network design and planning
inventory management and control.

'There's an increasing demand for graduates who have the technical skills in mathematics, statistics, and operational research to help improve decision making and reduce costs,' says Dr Wall. 'Roles in logistics and supply chain management can provide challenging and satisfying careers which typically combine the responsibility for 'day-to-day' operations with long term projects implementing major business changes.'

Ibis certified Logistics Professional

The implementation of GST has contributed drastically to the movement of goods across the country. This created widespread job opportunities in the logistics sector. Both our six months short term course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and one-year management course which is also known as fast track MBA programme, provides an in-depth knowledge on warehouse operations, supply chain works modelling and other mandatory logistics operations. The one-year management course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course entails a compulsory onsite training programme. Ibis, the ultimate certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the first Accredited Provider of IACET(USA) in India. This unique and prestigious certificate increases the employability of a candidate many folds that makes our logistics course most preferred one in the Indian and even international educational market. The course is designed by renowned logistics professionals across the Nation which ensures that our students are groomed to shoulder the responsibilities of a logistic professional. Six months short term course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is known as Certificate programme whereas one year management course in Logistics and Supply chain management is known as Post Graduate Diploma Programme.

Best Logistics Institute in Kerala

ibis Academy is among the best institutes which provide Logistics course in Kerala. Our Academy provides the best training to the students for Logistics and Supply Chain Management course.

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