Logging for Modern Organizations

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With New Relic One, you can collect, search, and correlate the detailed logs from applications, infrastructure, and network devices for faster troubleshooting and investigation, define alerts, and build intuitive easy-to use dashboards natively or extend using third party tools. As part of New Relic One, log management customers have the added benefit of reducing toil by having all of their logs correlated to curated content across their entire instrumented stack.

In this video we cover:

- Best practices for creating, collecting, and searching logs to increase reliability, uptime, and performance and reduce incident time
- How to quickly query, filter and dive into the log details.
- Examples of logs integrated with the other tooling and data you need to better understand why your complex systems are behaving badly.

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Session Track: 1 Up; Topic: Logging; Presenter: Leon Chapman;

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