Live WFH debate: what's the ideal balance between home and office?

Working from home is a thing now and probably always will be in one shape or another, but what’s the right balance between home and the office?

In this weeks’ Mike Ames Show we’re going to debate this question and clearly there are arguments for both sides.

Working from home is more convenient, less time (and money) is wasted on the commute, a better work-life balance and perhaps a little more autonomy, for those who value it.

On the downside, it’s much harder to maintain a team spirit, managing people is more challenging, training can suffer and there are reports of WFH confinement affecting people’s mental wellbeing.

So, let’s have the debate, share what we are doing and begin to design a long-term working environment that reaps as many of the benefits as possible whilst minimising the drawbacks.

Whilst some WFH does appear to be universally accepted we have two guests who do not agree on what the balance should be.

Nicky Larkin runs a successful accountancy practice and has fully embraced WFH both as a worker and an employer.

By contrast, Andy Basham is an experienced recruiter and is only looking at it from the perspective of a worker.

Should be an interesting debate and I hope you can join us and have your say too.

Thursday at 12:30pm on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. See you there.
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