Live Round Table Discussions- Data Privacy – UK/Europe, 09 Sept 2021 (Full Video)

Live Round Table Discussions & Virtual Q&A Session- Data Privacy – UK/Europe, 09 Sept 2021

Discussion Topic & Details-
Understanding Data Privacy: A Compliance Strategy Can Mitigate Cyber Threats

Many legal and compliance departments are not familiar with the complexity of data privacy laws or how to comply. Moreover, as laws become more numerous and expansive, the risks of penalties for non-compliance increases dramatically.

• Challenges of privacy compliance in today's legal arena
• Maintain control of your data and build your competitive advantage. Understand how your data is managed?
• Creating new normal data privacy models to track patterns of life
• National Cyber Security Strategy Beyond 2021-2022
• Schrems Strikes Again: EU-US Privacy Shield
• New SCCs in Schrems II
• New China data privacy and data security laws
• Schrems II impact on China
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