Live Q&A, Job Profiles in Software development, Career growth & time management (Timestamps added)

Come to another live session with me. Lets discuss anything and everything under the sun, about Job profiles, career advancements, studies, time management and more.

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0:00:00 Intro & Jump scares
0:02:00 Quant research role 1cr+ domestic package
0:04:00 Referrals?
0:06:00 Is it possible for SDE 1 to get international transfer?
0:07:00 Deloitte or Factset for a fresher
0:08:00 VISA Inc Bangalore Company Review ?
0:09:00 DSA Master karne me kitna time lagega?
0:10:00 Resume review?
0:11:00 Ageism in Software Industry?
0:14:00 Uber Vs Microsoft
0:15:00 Resign from Service based to prepare for Product based ?
0:16:00 How to improve Oral and Written English?
0:17:00 Is doing internships in startups along with college good?
0:19:00 How much system design is expected from Freshers?
0:20:00 Can a average guy get into Amazon? Any difficulty in surviving?
0:21:00 Project Management VS SDE
0:23:00 Getting a Job in London as a Fresher?
0:24:00 Financial Advice for software engineers?
0:26:00 How is Arcesium for Freshers?
0:28:00 As freshers what is the easy way to get International offers?
0:29:00 Roadmap to software development?
0:31:00 How easy it is to get International transfer as an SDE 2 at Amazon?
0:32:00 Future of SDE after 15 years?
0:33:00 Saved 1 cr in 4 years?
0:34:00 6 Months strategy to placement preparation?
0:37:00 Product based company to fund MS in USA?
0:38:00 Log4J Vulnerability!?
0:39:00 My Age?
0:40:00 Project manager career paths & job opportunity
0:42:00 What is On call
0:44:00 EE fresher got Accenture job. when should I switch company?
0:45:00 How to start with building a project?
0:48:00 Is doing MS worth it?
0:49:00 How much DSA required for Web-Dev based roles?
0:51:00 What is after SDE 3 at Faang?
0:53:00 Paytm Company review?
0:54:00 Off-Campus internship opportunity at Arcesium?
0:58:00 Front end developer role to data analyst ?
1:00:00 Amazon vs Flipkart
1:05:00 Applied scientist Role & salary
1:08:00 Amazon VS Morgan Stanley VS Myntra VS Nasdaq VS BNY Melon (internship)
1:11:00 How to understand Recursion
1:13:00 What to read from computer fundamentals to crack companies?
1:16:00 Mainframe developer journey ahead?
1:22:00 Arcesium hike percentage after 6 months as fresher?
1:23:00 Udaan company review?
1:24:00 Any platform to connect with you?
1:26:00 What does an SDE do?
1:27:00 Love Babbar in the chat!
1:28:00 how is Samsung for Freshers?
1:31:00 C++ dev to Product based company any difficulty?
1:33:00 Love babbar in the chat!
1:36:00 Hike in Goldman Sachs
1:43:00 Does Amazon Layoffs a lot?
1:47:00 When to negotiate get better appraisal
1:50:00 2.5 yrs at Service based to SDE 2 possible?
1:52:00 What's my height?
1:54:00 Codenation interview and Work Environment?
1:56:00 hike in Arcesium VS Microsoft?
2:08:00 Someone with good FE experience what should be the way to Backend development?
2:10:00 90 Days notice period?
2:11:00 Did you struggle with Bengali accent
2:12:00 What is bad about Arcesium
2:18:00 Best team in Arcesium?
2:20:00 LLD Prep source. Got Adobe SDE2 from My resource
2:21:00 Avg base for SDE2
2:33:00 Samsung OA what to prepare
2:43:00 F1 Fans in the chat!! (shoutout!)
2:46:00 Software developer job in USA?
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