[LIVE] Day Trading | A Lesson on Trade Management for Stocks

Oftentimes, buying a stock and entering into a trade is the easy part. You identify a price you want to buy the stock for, and then you go with it. The much more challenging part of day trading is in the sphere of trade management. After you enter into a trade there are so many dynamics that can then occur with a stock (or whatever asset class you are trading). I recently was able to capture a good example of this topic in some of my personal day trade results. This real life situation offers up a great lesson on trade management for stocks and, especially for beginner day traders, demonstrates a strategy you can use when you encounter certain situations. There is no "one size fits all" strategy, so I'm not trying to imply that, but I do want you to at least consider using this strategy tactic within certain circumstances you'll find yourself in as a day trader. As you'll see, by using this strategy it allowed me to keep my peace of mind and ultimately allowed me to put myself together a nice profit.

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