LIVE AT THE RANGE | DAY 3 | Saturday Morning

Fans following The 150th Open will be able to experience golf’s original Championship like never before with the introduction of an exciting new innovation.

The unparalleled TV coverage of The Open will be supplemented by our new Live At The Range show, allowing fans around the world behind the scenes at the practice range, as well as watching all the build-up as players prepare for their journeys to hopefully lifting the Claret Jug.

Live At The Range, in partnership with HSBC, will provide in-depth coverage of the driving range and practice areas at The 150th Open, taking the on-the-ground experience and bringing it to audiences around the world.

Utilising exciting TopTracer data we will be able to see how players practice, compare them with their fellow competitors and see what adjustments they make for links golf.

Our broadcast team will be anchored by Di Stewart and supported by some of the best commentators & guests in the game.

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