Linux Kernel Tuning & TuneD | Into the Terminal 43

Critical Administration Skills for Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Whether you are new to Linux or new to RHEL, join our hosts for a hands-on look into the commands and processes, ask questions, and grow your knowledge.
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Eric The IT Guy: https://twitter.com/itguyeric
Scott McBrien: https://twitter.com/Stabby_Mc

Try it for yourself: https://lab.redhat.com

Enable SysAdmin: How to manage tuning profiles in Linux (https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/linux-tuned-tuning-profiles)

Getting Started with Tuned:

00:00 Stream Start
00:15 Introduction to TuneD
04:50 Welcome
05:19 Tuned Recommendations
07:01 Why Use Profiles?
09:05 Profile Configs
15:20 Write Your Own Profile
25:30 Live Q&A
31:50 Wrap Up
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