LinkedIn Profile Checklist - how to present your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has gone through some major changes in how people use it for business purposes, it is no longer just seen as a cv or resume. It is a place to build relationships and create business opportunities. The lines between personal and work life are blurring, as is evident by the different types of conversations and posts we are now seeing.
The same applies to your profile - when someone lands on your profile, they want to meet YOU, not just another bland profile that reads like an outdated CV or Resume.

In this video, will walk you through the basics and some considerations for you such as :

Will you use the Cover Story video feature?
Will you turn on Creator mode?
What will your headline be?
Have you personalised your URL?
Have you turned on the Featured section?
Does your about section say more about you as a person or is it a CV?
How are you presenting your experience?

And more.

Your LinkedIn profile is probably one of the most important business tools you have, and it's free - think of it as your very own personal website.

How will you update yours?

Qhat have I missed?

Let me know what you think in the comments.
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