Linda Morrison interviews Daniela Wolfe

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My name is Linda Morrison and I’ll be your host, your instructor and your guide.
Over my career I’ve worked with thousands of clients, created dozens of programs and recorded tens of thousands of videos. In the process I've discovered exactly what it takes to create a life of abundance, ease and success, and I did all of this while raising 2 beautiful kids as a single mum.

If you're ready to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, and shortcut the path to the success you are seeking in any aspect of your life, what you need is a plan and a guide.

Daniela Wolfe - Helping You Find the Bliss in Your Busy

I help working moms reach their goals, manage daily tasks, and have some ease & breathing room in their day! Create time, easy habits & have some fun!
We work together to create customized daily systems, priorities, and habits to live a more balanced, healthy, and happy life.

I have been a Licensed Masters Social Worker for over 25 years working with individuals on self-care, stress management skills, mindfulness, relationships, parenting and just managing all the craziness that life sends your way.
I am also a busy, full-time working mom of 2 kids and have been in that place of stress and overwhelm and know how important it is to take care of yourself to keep from getting to a place of burnout.
My goal is to empower all women to develop these skills to help them find peace, balance, and bliss in their lives. From the "I've got this" moments to the "ugh, I just can't" moments. I can help you learn the skills to makeover your schedule and life one day at a time.

Best D Life with Daniela- Helping You Find the Bliss in Your Busy
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