Lin Esder: Teaching Out-of-field, school management & leadership

Lin Esders (Queensland Teachers’ union)

Session 4 THEME 2 School management & leadership
• What are the pressures that school leaders face when staffing schools and classrooms, with what implications for the whole school community?
• How can school improvement policy coordinate approaches to identifying needs, barriers, teacher capacity building, and managing risks associated with out-of-field teaching? 
• How can system-level leadership facilitate the enhancement and enrichment of out-of-field teaching at a school level?

The National Summit on Teaching Out-of-Field was held on October 21-23. The Summit consisted of a series of sessions with speakers followed by breakout rooms as roundtables to discuss questions relating to policy, data generation, school governance, initial teacher education, teacher registration and teacher professional learning. A synthesis and action planning session was held on Saturday, which will feed into a project report.

Summit website:

This event is being organised and run by an organising committee of 12 from 8 universities and 3 organisations.
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