Life skills are not simply knowledge but rather capacities and abilities that help us to manage crisis or difficulties in lives. Understanding oneself is not something is very easy for that we need to looking to oneself and see who we are? There, identifying strength of oneself is important. This is recognised as the mother skill by world health organisation. once a person is self aware there is a tendency to develop any kind of positive capacity or ability. Putting oneself in the shoe of others is easy to explain but difficult to practice. it is known as empathy. Recent researchers are extended to over empathy responses are theory of mind. this indicates that empathy is not always healthy in extreme levels. communication is a skills there for everybody but life skills talks about effective communication. In most of the time sexual harassment cases indicates that there is lack of assertiveness of the victim . other styles of communications like passive styles and aggressive styles also has got a significants as per the need of the earth. Interpersonal relationship skills in human being is different. we cannot think about the life without the support of science and culture. Culture is not simply rituals it is the togetherness mankind has as to move forward . Cognitive skills talks about thinking skills that include thinking critically and creatively. Logical thinking is highly necessary in decision making. conflicts are always not bad. it has got positive effects. Creativity cannot be always labelled as creative thinking . study says almost everybody has got a capacity to think out of box having a personal and unique style. it can be seen in the way a person understand things , explain things and also in social dealings. the capacity of decision making and problem solving can be facilitated from childhood onwards and it can be working as a behavioural vaccine. For that ones generated that can be extended in the life in any level. managing emotions and managing stress are called as coping skills. emotion has got a biological basis and that is hormonal and involuntary. but expression of emotion can be learned and controlled. social life demands emotional management in personal and professional levels. Stress happens when the resources of a person have will not be suitable to the demands, that will be leading to imbalances. stress can be manage in a problem focused way and emotional focused way. the technics like yoga, meditation, relaxation, prayer etc. cannot be widely used and that cannot be suggested from my 25 years experience in psychology as a professional. stress has to be managed on the basis of the course and to see how far that can be controlled Baby Shari is professor,Department of Psychology,Calicut University.She has honoured PhD from University of Calicut ,Department of Psychology.BEd from IASE Thrissur,MA from University of Calicut held with1st Rank .Graduated from MG University.She honoured by many Awards such as Innovative Research Award,Best Extension Work Award ,ICSSR Grant , SSA Kerala ResearchGrant(x3),SSA Wayanad Training Grant.Elected Member and Academic Council of University of Calicut.She has published One book,40 Journals and Publications,50+Conference Papers,10 Chapter in Edited Books.100+Paper Presentations,100+Keynote address,200+ Workshops.Life Time Memberships in IAAP,InSPA,NART,KMP,SPSA.She had made the contribution in Peer reviewed Articles for Indian Journal of Life -Skill Education,Journal of Education Research and reviews.She held various positions such as Senate Member,Resource Person at UGC HRDC,SCERT,NCERT,SSA,SIEMAT,KILA.Trainer,UGC Program on Gender(SAM).The real Artisan in the field of education This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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