Life skills are more important than academics - John McCabe, Chief Executive

In this video John McCabe, Chief Executive of North East England Chamber of Commerce, talks about why life skills are more important that anything you learn at school.

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We believe that it shouldn't matter where you grow up or what your financial background is on deciding if you can access information to help you build a better life for yourself.

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The Roadmap alternative MBA is a CPD certified training course which provides the real world skills to grow a business, aimed at organisations of less than 250 people.

SMEs account for 99% of the business population and the challenges smaller businesses face are different. In smaller businesses people are often asked to perform multiple roles, some of which they're not trained to do and to create high performing teams you need to teach these skills.

This course teaches the skills required to grow a business so that your team can add more value, aid their personal development, progress their careers or (for entrepreneurs) to launch and grow their businesses.

We also do this at a price point which is affordable, using clear language and explanations, delivered in video, print and live stream classroom sessions, empowering people who don't have access to traditional business education.

For established businesses this course will help you drive your business forward. It will improve your team’s real world grounding in leadership, management, marketing and sales.

For entrepreneurs this will help you improve your strategy, increase sales and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

For career professionals the skills taught on this course will support your personal development giving you confidence to make the next step in your career.

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