Leveraging Your SAP Data to Reduce Configuration Complexity - Configit

Presented by Jesper Blak Møller, Director of Product Management, Configit
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For manufacturers of complex products, being able to make their SAP configuration and pricing data accessible in a non-SAP web-based solution is critical to reducing product complexity while creating more business value.

In this Tech Talk, Jesper Blak Møller, Director of Product Management at Configit, discusses how creating a web-based platform for business innovation using SAP and Configit Ace® builds a high-performance, scalable, cloud-enabled solution for product configuration.

Jesper addresses the features and benefits of Configit Ace®, including:

- Extracting configuration and pricing data
- Avoiding dual maintenance of configuration and pricing data
- Processing and compiling data into a compact, portable format for greater flexibility

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