Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership Style to Cultivate Team Effectiveness

Amongst all of the different leadership development training, styles, and teachings, the most effective way to lead is to do so in a way that genuinely and authentically reflects who you are – including your personal history, experiences, and style. In this 60-minute webinar, Erica will be discussing the benefits of leading authentically, and how to identify your personal style through self-reflection and assessment.

- Discovering your Authentic Leadership style (Bill George, 2007) through self reflection and self awareness;
- Leveraging psychometric assessments as a tool to support this discovery journey; and,
-How leading authentically can create a positive team atmosphere and build strong rapport, relationships, and trust with your team members, rendering greater effectiveness and higher performance.

- Erica Naccarato - Management consultant, coach, and former varsity athlete currently specializing in assisting her clients with building and leading high-performing teams.
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