Leveling Up Your Social Media Management Skills

Social media is always changing. And when it comes to social media management, even the core skills that are here to stay need to be built on. In this video, learn how to evolve your existing skills to become an expert in social, and how to choose the right social media management tools to help get you there.

✨Resources in this video (and beyond):
✦ Guide: What is social media management? https://bit.ly/3LABthO
✦ Social media management tools: https://bit.ly/42r2CdL
✦ Guide: Building a social media marketing strategy: https://bit.ly/42qGxfB
✦ Social media content strategy: https://bit.ly/44w8RyY
✦ Storytelling with data: https://bit.ly/427bjdF
✦ Social media crisis plan: https://bit.ly/426b42D

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