Leveling Up: Growing Your Technical and Managerial Skills as an Engineer | Startup Boston Week 2022

In the big tech corporate world, you’re focused on one specific thing. But in the startup world, you’re really focused on an entire product and there isn’t an easy way to shift your workload over to someone else (nor why would you want to?!)

During this fireside chat, we’ll chat about two specific themes:
-How to continuously improve your technical skills to become an engineering leader
-Best practices to work on your managerial skills, as an engineer, so you can lead a team in the future

This event is part of the Engineering Track and Student Tracks during Startup Boston Week 2022 and is perfect for employees and managers at startups and corporate companies that are looking to level-up their skill set in both a technical and managerial sense.

The speakers for this session were:
Zack Zullick - Founder & CEO, Praise
Jessica Sahagian - Director of Engineering, ConnectRN
Peter Casinelli - Co-Founder, Metaplane

Moderated by: Reet Chowdhary - Software Engineer


This event is part of Startup Boston Week 2022. Startup Boston Week is a community-driven, free conference on a mission to connect, educate, and celebrate the startup community. The events are crafted not just for founders, but also for startup employees, investors, mentors, students, job seekers, and startup curious folks.

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