LET'S PLAY: FM 2023 - Road to Glory - BUXTON F.C. - S1E4 - Football Manager 2023

Let's Play: FM 2023 - Road to Glory - Buxton F.C. - Football Manager 2023

I'm very excited to start a new season in Football Manager 2023. We are going for the Road to Glory run with Buxton F.C., where we have to take Buxton from the bottom tier (tier 6) of the British Football League all the way up to the Premiere League and win all the trophies at the highest level. This includes the Premiere League trophy, the FA Cup and Champions League. Hopefully we win a few other trophies on our way up the ranks as well. This save will be a nice change of pace from last year's game because it will allow us to stay at a single team for the entire run and really fully develop it as we go.

Buxton are already play at the highest level if you consider altitude, as their stadium is the highest in all of England at 1000 ft above sea level. Can we take them to the top of all of the leagues? This will be a tough mountain to climb.

NOTE: I know very little about Football/Soccer beyond what I have learned while playing Football Manager and a little bit of watching World Cup games. I welcome feedback, but please don't laugh too much at my silly American mistakes.


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