Lessons Learned from Packaging 10,000+ C++ Projects - Bret Brown & Daniel Ruoso - CppCon 2021

At Bloomberg, we maintain a system that coherently builds and integrates more than 10,000 C++ packages that are maintained independently by thousands of software engineers on hundreds of teams across our Engineering department. In this talk, we will go over the lessons we have learned about maintaining these packages, as well as how package management should interact with third-party libraries, third-party tools, build systems, IDEs, static analysis tools, and refactoring automation. We hope this will start a conversation around the potential requirements for a more complete package management solution in the C++ ecosystem.

Bret Brown
Software engineer currently focusing on improving C and C++ ergonomics, correctness, and productivity for Bloomberg's Developer Experience department.

Bret likes making authoring and maintaining C++ codebases simpler and more intuitive by treating projects more like cattle and less like pets. He is especially interested in the software development lifecycle, development automation, modern build systems, packaging, code transformation, software governance, and code analysis.
Bret worked in embedded C++ and safety critical C++ for previous employers.

Currently lead of Bloomberg's Build Tools team, responsible for tools such as CMake, pkg-config, and compilation toolchains.

Daniel Ruoso
Currently working as the lead for Code Governance at Bloomberg, where we focus on driving large scale Static Analysis and Automated Refactoring. Daniel has been working over the past 20+ years with a persistent lens on how to help engineers be more effective with build, deployment and analysis tooling on various different environments and languages.

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