"LEGO" Case Review: Strange In Win Airforce DIY PC Case

The In Win Airforce case has to be built before being used, adopting a full-on LEGO color scheme (or Gundam) and a unique gimmick for a high price.
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The In Win Airforce case is one part Gundam and one part Lego, appealing to the build-it-yourself crowd even more than normal PC DIY. This case ships assembly required, but at $200, it has to impress to be worth the gimmick. The high airflow fans might be what really got this case its name, as in thermal tests, the Airforce is a show of force.

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00:00 - In Win Airforce Lego-style Case Review
03:26 - DIY PC Case Building
09:16 - Build Quality of In Win Airforce
12:07 - Noise & Thermals
12:50 - Thermal Benchmarks - CPU
14:10 - Thermal Benchmarks - GPU
15:10 - Blender CPU & GPU Testing
15:55 - 3DMark Firestrike
16:21 - Standardized Fan Testing
17:27 - Noise & Noise Normalized
18:43 - Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick
Thumbnail: Andrew Coleman
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