Legal Management GuidanceNGO Talk

Hello! This is my pre-recorded video for my Talk on Legal Management for the Career Expedition on October 15, 2021.

This is also for archival purposes. Students can watch or re-watch this if they are interested in the course Legal Management.

Special thanks to Dr. Teresita Lasam, SPUP's Guidance Office Head and Mr. Mark Bacomo of Guidance NGO for always giving me the opportunity to be a speaker in Career Guidance and Career Expeditions. I am always grateful for your support in these endeavors!

This video is intended solely for Educational Purposes.

My name is Wilfredo DJ P. Martin IV, and I am a teacher of Social Science, Philosophy, and Public Administration Subjects. I am a faculty member of St. Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao Cagayan, 3500.

Time Stamps:
0:00-0:52 Introduction
0:53-1:29 About the Speaker
1:30-3:44 What is Legal Management?
3:45-5:06 Major Subjects for LegMa Students
5:07-6:10 Program Educational Objectives
6:11-7:26 Program Outcomes
7:27-9:26 Legal Management Career Opportunities
9:27-10:32 AB vs BS Legal Management
10:33-11:47 Legal Management vs. Political Science
11:48-12:48 Legal Management Teaching
12:49-13:51 Skills/Traits I need to be LegMa Student
13:52-14:35 LegMa and Law School
14:36-15:44 Legal Management Non-Board Course
15:45-16:34 Scholarships for Legal Management
16:35-18:31 Concluding Remarks
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