Lecture 1 Positivist Research - Introduction (Arabic - Lecture 1 of 6)

This is a lecture one out of 6 lectures on Positivist - Quantitative Research.

This is 18 hours course on “how to” read and write quantitative research in the social science field.

It is a practical course. We read many papers on #project management, #education, #information systems, #health care, #strategy management and #operations management. This workshop covered in-depth the different writing styles in different academic papers. Connecting the writing style with the philosophical underpinnings of the positivist paradigm will empower you to write good academic papers. This course also covers many politics and tactics to publish in leading journals. It also will teach you how to read quantitative findings.

1 –What does it mean academic paper? The politics, arts and science of publishing your paper
2-Reading and Writing Introduction
3-Reading and writing Literature Review
4-Reading and writing the research methodology
5-Reading and writing the findings
6-Reading and writing discussion section
7-Feedback session –receiving feedback on your work

What Will I Learn?
How to read an academic paper in 5 minutes
Different writing styles in the positivist academic papers
Applications of the positivist paradigm in writing academic papers
You can read the analysis. You do not need others to read it for you

This course is without exams and without certificates. To take the exam and certificate you have to be a silver member on https://ibisresearch.co.uk/product/silver-membership/
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