Learning from ecosystem management to overcome challenges affecting vegetated stormwater assets

Vegetated stormwater assets are a type of infrastructure asset used to protect waterways from the impacts of urban development by improving the quality and reducing the quantity of stormwater that drains into waterways from urban areas. They include bioretention systems, constructed wetlands, sediment basins and swales. Vegetated stormwater assets are often managed by local governments using an infrastructure asset management approach.

This webinar was presented by Griffith University's Ben Penhalurick on 6th October 2021, and focussed on the following key areas. This webinar:

• demonstrated that vegetated stormwater assets more closely resemble ecosystems than traditional infrastructure assets
• identified challenges affecting vegetated stormwater assets arising from limitations with current asset management approaches, and
• recommended ecosystem management practices to overcome these challenges.

This webinar focusses on Queensland. However, as the planning, development and asset management frameworks in Queensland are similar to other states in Australia, the issues and recommendations presented in this webinar may be useful to practitioners elsewhere across the country.

The webinar included a short presentation followed by answers to questions from attendees.
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