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1.Have you ever felt stress in finding things when it's absolutely needed at that moment
2.Have you ever mistaken of putting sugar instead of salt in a preparation.
3.Have you ever bought grocery item from super market and then found that perticular ingredient is already in abundance in your home store.
4.Have you ever struggled to move to and fro in kitchen while your cooking.
5.Have you ever dumped an expensive ingredient which you wish to cook with and just got reach to its expiry date.

Here Is A Solloution For You All. Watch This Video
Which Includes :-
1. What is 5 S ?
2.How to achieve 5 S in your Kitchen ?
3.Who all can apply 5 S ?
4.Is it a regular practice?
5.What are the benefits after applying 5S ?

Follow There Tips in your Kitchen And Enjoy Cooking / Manage Your Personal Time.

Thank you for being a Wonderful Listener.
My Gratitude to All.
Thank You @Indore Management Association

-Chef Lata Tondon

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