Lean Management: People & Corporate Culture (Trailer)

by Dr. Eng. Pedro Alexandre MARQUES
edited by Knowledge & Skills

In this presentation, the foundations and critical success factors of a Lean program are presented, namely the cultural transformation of the organization, the role of leaders in the change management process, and the importance of involving and empowering people in a company-wide perspective. We will see how the sustainable growth of the operational and business results, together with the benefits introduced by improvement initiatives, depend on the materialization of a set of cultural enablers that encourage the adoption of behaviors in line with the guiding principles of the Lean approach. The Shingo Model guiding principles regarding "Respect Every Individual" and "Lead with Humility" will be explored in detail. Leadership commitment will be explored, in particular the Gemba Walk procedure and its stages. "Gemba" is the actual place where the work is performed. By taking a walk through the gemba, leaders not only have the opportunity to capture topics and concerns pertaining to how effective processes are performing from a workplace perspective, but also build bonds of trust with their employees and team members. The best practices and ideal behaviors that should be adopted by a leader during a Gemba Walk will detailed. Moreover, all the stages of the policy and strategy planning process will be explained, including its role in defining the strategic improvement initiatives that should be conducted in order to meet the organizational strategic goals. The Hoshin Kanri approach for strategy deployment will be a focus of this course.

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