Leadshine AC Servo Systems DEMO

Leadshine ELP Series AC servo drives and ELM series servo motors are high performance servo products which are designed for position/velocity/torque high accurate control. The ELP AC servo drives adopt many advanced features such as MFC, vibration suppression, multi-mode filter, etc.

They support control types of step&direction, CW/CCW, analog torque/velocity, Modbus/RS485, and EtherCAT. Power of the ELM AC servo motors range from 100W to 2kW. Their encoder options include 2,500-line incremental, 17-bit/23-bit single-turn incremental, and 23-bit multi-turn absolute. When ELM motors and ELP drives are paired together, the servo system are highly reliable, easy to configure, easy to setup, and able to offer excellent performance ideal for many industrial applications.

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