Leading Product In Uncertain Times | CPO Series

In this session, Ryan Polk, Insight Partner’s SVP of Product and Tech Center of Excellence, and former CPO of Carbon Black and CA Technologies will share how CPOs can step up to lead their team and business forward in this challenging time.

As an expert on both sides of the table, Ryan is probably one of the best persons to share his insights on leading products in challenging market.

In this session, Ryan will cover
- The difference between a head of product vs a CPO and when to hire which role
- Tough conversations a CPO needs to have.
- How to work the problem from the organization, portfolio and product investment perspective
- The least-mastered skills of a CPO and how to address them

This session is a part of the 12-week Dragonboat x Insight Partners CPO Series. Every week from June to August, Chief Product Officers from market-leading companies like Pendo and Procore will be sharing their unique insights and experiences around a wide range of topics from leadership to product strategy.

Check out the series here: https://dragonboat.io/blog/webinar/cpo-series/
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