Leadership Cocktail Show with Imelda Ignacio

Imelda Ignacio is a single mother of two grown sons from the Philippines. She saw how to be independent at a young age from observing her late grandmother face life as a widow. Her late grandmother taught her love, perseverance, hard work and most of all honesty. A dreamer before 10 years of age, she dreamed of being a business owner one day.

Imelda went on to study Business Management and worked for corporations after college before venturing into business. It is when Imelda understood the power of leveraging that's why she never left the MLM industry 2 decades ago. She has grown to love it with deep passion.

Today, Imelda is very thankful that she finally found a company where she and her family are happy to be with. Where she envisions herself, her sons and her team to be reaping the fruits of their labours. Finally, Opulence Global is the company and home.

Imelda is a Lifestyle Director 2 with Opulence Global, expanding her business to 13 different countries.
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