Leadership Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 7 | Meaning, Features, Importance, Qualities of Leader

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Leadership: Definition, Meaning and Definition of Leadership
Leadership is the process of influencing the behaviour of people by making them strive voluntarily towards achievement of organisational goals.

Importance of Leadership
It helps to bring about a positive change in the behaviour of the employees for the benefit Of the organisation.
It helps to maintain good personal relations and also helps the followers in fulfilling their needs.
It helps to introduce the required changes in the organisation smoothly.
It helps to resolve the conflicts within the organisation effectively without leading to any disruptions in working of the organisation.
It facilitates training of subordinates by the leader.

Features of Leadership
Leadership shows the ability of an individual to influence others.
Leadership seeks to bring about a desired change in the behaviour of others.
Leadership reflects the interpersonal relations between leaders and followers.
Leadership is an effective tool to achieve common goals of the organisation.
Leadership is a continuous process.

Leadership Business Studies Class 12
Business Studies Class 12 Leadershipin Hindi
Business Studies Class 12 Leadership in English
Class 12 Business Studies Leadership in English
Class 12 Business Studies Leadership in Hindi

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