Leadership | 5 Types of Leadership Styles (with Examples)

There are 5 types of leadership styles. Depending on the situation, a leader can approach it with different types of leadership styles. Whether at work or in our daily lives, we can use these five organizational behavior leadership styles to improve our team and followers, and ultimately our lives.

What are the 5 types of leadership styles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each style? Here's a quick summary, but for more details and examples, be sure to watch it all to find out! :

1. Transactional Leadership
This is a conservative or traditional type of leadership. It's like your boss tells you to do something and you do it. This is an "instructional" approach.

2. Transformational Leadership
A transformational leader is focused on their followers. They see their strengths and weaknesses and work towards bringing out those potentials. This is an individualistic approach.

3. Servant Leadership
A servant leader support and guides their followers. They are on the sideline to shift the direction of the progress or help out if needed. This allows the followers or team to learn on their own instead of being told what to do.

 4. Laissez-faire Leadership
Similar to a servant leadership, this type of leader is often on the sideline. This is used when protocols and systems are put into place, and the leader observes from the sideline.

5. Charistmatic Leadership
From Martin Luther King to Ghandi, they use persuasion and communication skills to win their followers' heart. They describe strong visions and goals so everyone can all work towards those goals or visions.

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