Lead with Kindness

It is becoming more and more clear that relationships are key to enhancing organizational performance as well as well-being for both individuals and communities. There is a growing understanding that people often care more about how we act than what we do. Approaching this idea via the lens of compassion could fundamentally alter the priorities and methods of operation for enterprises of all types. Some individuals find it amusing to think about being polite, decent, and noble. We hear, "That's a display of weakness." Actually, it's the contrary - it’s a sign of strength. Anyone can prioritize their needs. Simple as cake. To stand up for something more and to help others requires courage.

Greg Did Lyons is an international speaker and an Organisational Executive Coach. He has served the Australian Government in several positions as well. He will be the speaker at our next event where we will bring the spotlight on the importance of leading an organizational culture and other affairs with kindness. We believe that the vast experience that Greg has will allow him to base his remarks on many circumstances and encounters he has had during his career. A little act of kindness can go a long way in anyone's life. Make sure you join us for this event and get the most out of it.
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