Lead Software Developer | Skills and Challenges

What’s an overwhelming role that combines software development skills with those of a project manager in a perfect mix? A lead software developer, of course! They are the true MVPs as they take on more responsibilities and provide helpful guidance to the team.


Here’s just a glimpse of the areas a lead software developer manages:
✔️ Automation
✔️ Source control
✔️ Continuous integration and delivery
✔️ Testing
✔️ Building security into the development process
✔️ Scaling and performance monitoring

Interested in finding out more? Check out our page dedicated to all types of software developers ▶ https://activecollab.com/agency-roles-and-responsibilities/software-developer


00:00 - Intro
00:37 - How to become a Lead Developer
01:08 - Senior Developers
01:36 - Lead Developer’s responsibilities
01:48 - Necessary skills
02:42 - Challenges
03:02 - Tools
04:13 - Communication is important
04:57 - Average salary
05:16 - Outro

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