Lead an Innovative Organisation - Johanna Rothman

Does your organization want product innovation and business agility?
Yet, do you feel constrained by your organization's processes?
You are not alone—some managers feel those constraints, too.
Instead, managers can rethink how to work to manage for change.
They can create a collaborative culture, starting with managers. That culture allows them to reduce friction and still get the results the organization needs.

Johanna is an author, consultant and speaker; expert in managing high technology product development. Her books can be found on the usual platforms (and https://www.jrothman.com/books/) and titles include;
"From Chaos to Successfully Distributed Agile Teams"
"Hiring Geeks that Fit"
"Predicting the Unpredictable: Pragmatic approaches to estimating cost or schedule"
In her bio she describes herself;
...people know me as the "Pragmatic Manager." I provide frank advice--often with a little humor--for your tough problems. I suggest you think about your context because your circumstances are unique. I help leaders and managers do reasonable things that work. I write an email newsletter, the Pragmatic Manager, and two blogs on jrothman.com, and a personal blog on createadaptablelife.com with its own newsletter.

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