LCL2021: Career Management: Informational Interviews & Relationship Building

For many people “networking” is a negative word that evokes negative feelings. We’re going to reframe networking into something positive and something you already like to do–and are good at! (Trust me.) “Networking”, “Relationship Management” and “Informational Interviewing” are essential to your job search, job research, and your overall career development.

Presenter: Alex Johnston, Georgetown University,
Presenter: Kaitlyn Tagarelli, Mango Languages,

Lingthusiasm Episode 51: Small talk (
LCL 21 Guide to Informational Interviewing from LCL21
BayCHI (

This event was recorded on July 8, 2021, as part of the Linguistics Career Launch

Video editing by Dan Veltri, Treehouse Video

Closed captioning by Charlotte Schwennsen

Music by Setuniman
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