Laz-Talk Kong S2E6: Customer Engagement Management Tool

[Season 2: Episode 6]

00:00 Introduction
00:59 What is Lazada's CEM Tool?
01:36 CEM Eligibility Criteria
03:16 [NEW] Customized Customer Group
04:29 [NEW] Data Performance Monitor
07:11 11.11 CEM Campaign Booster
09:48 CEM Campaign Tips
10:23 Tip Number 1
11:06 Tip Number 2
12:04 Tip Number 3
15:06 Outro (Please Like, Comment, Subscribe)

Ever wondered how certain LazMall sellers are readily targeting customers via IM Chat?

Introducing Lazada's CEM Tool which is now opened to all LazMall sellers with a simple qualifying criteria. Join me as I sit down with Lazada's Head of Seller Tools, Jasmine, to discuss a couple of new features CEM has to offer. Likewise, condensed quickfire tips for you to ace the upcoming 11.11 Mega Campaign!

✅ Lazada University CEM Resources: https://university.lazada.sg/course/search?q=cem&spm=lzd-university-sg-pc.lzd-university-sg-pc-home.navibar_search.cem.0

✅ 11.11 One Stop Portal: https://university.lazada.sg/cms/d112021

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